cüül – progressive rock band

Melodious and independent rock

The rock band "cüül" from Zurich plays danceable melodious progressive rock that sticks on your mind with catchy riffs. The songs are hold in Swiss German, German and English. They are telling stories about daily life, love and hope.

The band consists of Angelo (drums), Walti (bass), Ruedi (guitar, guitar-synthesizer, vocals) and Saba (vocals, guitar).

Breaking news

More than 10 years but no longer ... Much to our regret Annatina left the band. We thank you for your strong commitment for such a long time!
Since the beginning of this year, Walti rocks the bass. Welcome Walti!

Live on stage

coming soon


Finally, the first song of our recording session two years ago is finished: Loona! Listen to this song by clicking on songs.
We decided to release one song after the other, so stay tuned ...

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